Alpha Pharma steroids and how to check did you buy legit gears!

Alpha Pharma steroids and how to check did you buy legit gears!

Hi everyone, today I want to teach you few tips and tricks when you buying Alpha Pharma steroids at online market.
First of all, many steroids suppliers online offer most famous brand - Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

Many and almost every anabolic steroid suppliers online offer this brand because its one of the most popular, famous and with real effects in short period of time. Alpha Pharma Healthcare are producing top steroids products over 10 years! They are really one of the most famous at online market, suppliers which offer their products are most likely. But not every steroids supplier online offer 100% genuine Alpha Pharma Healthcare products..lets see how to avoid fake supplier and products and purchase only legit alpha pharma steroids.

How to check did I purchase genuine Alpha Pharma products?

1. Every real Alpha Pharma product have unique QR code which you can check and get authenticity at official Alpha Pharma website.

2. REAL Alpha Pharma products comes from Mumbai - India and ONLY from there. (Any other county of manufacture are FAKE!)
3. Alpha Pharma Healthcare have only 3 different boxes of products:
1. Oral anabolic such as Rexobol - Anavar Alpha Pharma or Alphabol comes in blister/ sachets ONLY!
2. Injectable anabolic steroids Alpha Pharma such as Induject 250 Sustanon comes in 2 different packaging: 10ml multidose vial OR 1ml x 10 ampoules in box. Every other packaging are fake!...please mind that.

Top 5 Alpha Pharma anabolic steroids are:

Alphabol (dbol 10mg x 50 tabs in box)
Induject 250 (Sustanon 250mg/ml)
Rexobol 10 (Anavar 10mgx 50 tabs in box)
Nandrobolin 250 (Deca 250mg/ml)
Astralean (Clenbuterol 40mcg x 50 tabs)

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